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{gravel in the potholes}


Afton Field Farm

If you’ve been to the farm in the past 2 to 36 months, you’ve probably noticed the potholes running up our romantic gravel lane.  Some of you {probably our CSA members or those few faithful winter customers} have possibly even lost a tire a two, or at least had your fillings knocked around in your mouth as you bucked up the driveway and where tossed & thrown about as though you were riding an enraged bull.

Afton Field Farm

Well, as much fun as you’ve had riding a bucking bronco, you’re cowboy {or girl} glory days are now behind you.  And so are those potholes! And the mud!  And the slop that have plagued our enchanting farm entrance for far too long.

Afton Field Farm

Afton Field Farm

Afton Field Farm{the pre-gravel driveway.  the potholes in this one area have been filled in}

Afton Field Farm

Of course, Mr. Tobias was there to instruct and supervise.Afton Field Farm

Afton Field Farm

{one load of gravel}Afton Field Farm

There are some people that completely shock you with a gift.  Well, that is what happened with this gravel.  A dear friend gave us the money to gravel our driveway, and whatever else we needed graveled.  This literally made me weep tears of joy.  It’s hard to justify the money for gravel when your animals are higher up on the “to spend money on” list.  But the lane needed gravel desperately, and giving such an obstacle course of challenge to the only entry to our farm, was no way to treat our guests or customers.Afton Field Farm

Afton Field Farm

We are very thankful.

Afton Field Farm

Afton Field Farm

The boys did what they could this weekend and they’ll do more as this week unfolds.

Afton Field Farm

Afton Field Farm

We are all giddy with joy and looking forward to a smoother ride to and from the farm.Afton Field Farm

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  1. 01.28.13 7:53 AM

    You won’t get over the joy of that driveway for a long time, trust me, been there. When we first moved back to this farm where I grew up, the pot holes, which were the same ones from my childhood, were still there. We were broke, broke, broke, but hubby’s parents sent out a cheque for Christmas one year, and my brother coincidentally mentioned at dinner that he knew a guy driving a slinger truck if we ever wanted gravel cheap – we spent our Christmas money (I think Gram had intended it for clothes or toys for our toddler and baby), on a load of road base. Best investment we ever made. My Dad came by one day, and marvelled – “why didn’t I ever do that?”…lol.

    • 01.28.13 10:41 AM

      Haha! I love that story! I believe you when you say that I won’t get over the joy of the gravel for a long time. We haven’t fully finished the whole thing yet, and I find myself beaming from ear to ear as I drive over the small patch they did this weekend. It’s kind of like clean sheets- everything in the World just seems better as you slip into bed and let the cleanness hold you through the night. It is so refreshing! I’m glad so many people will be happy about the addition of the gravel as well ;)

  2. Lael Willingham permalink
    01.28.13 10:39 AM

    Hey great, we don’t need to bring the pickup truck anymore :) Looking forward to our first trip on it….how nice is that

  3. Farm girl on the prairie permalink
    01.29.13 7:57 AM

    Great photos!!! What a wonderful gift! It’s just what you needed to lift your spirits!

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